Clayton LaPrees:

Owner\operator of SMG and Corporate Services Division

Clayton has had the great privilege and opportunity to create numerous program days and retreats for over 20 corporate clients in the last 5 years.  The driving philosophy has been to listen carefully to his corporate contacts and determine how SMG corporate services fits into their needs.  Clayton understands there is typically a lot of pressure on the retreat contact to provide programming that exceeds all expectations.  Claytons' attention to detail, creative designs, customer service and determination to see the program through from concept to completion has provided him the opportunities below:

custom program designs: (4 examples)

Siemens Medical-  transportation logistics, adventure based experience in the GSMNP that consisted of waterfalls and our "Trek & Dine" experience that incorporates team dynamics and group commeroderie while experiencing an active day in a beautiful National Park (30 participants)

Generon Internationl-  a consulting firm that creates multi day wilderness experiences for their clients hired SMG for risk management, outfitting, program design, and transportation logistics for  the top leadership team from Generon International.

Bush Beans-  a world wide company has utilized our services numerous times to create reward based events, creative energizers for the food science department, and strategic programming for the board of directors.

ION geotechnical- their companies senior leadership utilized our services to create a program that would embrace the local culture and heritage as they participated in an active program during the day in the Nat. Park, a "moonshine" distillery event, and a fine cigar table after dinner, as well as full transportation logistics throughout their retreat.

Clayton has also been featured on the History Channel as he and the SMG team provides risk management, safety supervision, outfitting and remote logistics for film crews throughout the world.


Phillip Batemen

Lead Facilitator for experiential programs and leadership development

With over 30 years in the corporate facilitation industry, founder and owner of New Horizons Center For Experiential Learning, Phillip Batemen feels at home facilitating corporate team-building programs for 200 person sales teams as well as 8 person leadership teams.  With too many programs to list, Phillip works closely with the University of TN, FBI, Sea Ray, Kimberly & Clark,  and the majority of the Knoxville, TN area.


Jesse LaPrees 

Lead Facilitator for SMG corporate wilderness & Florida based office for corporate services

Trained EMT, college degree in outdoor recreation, and over 15 years of experience leading custom wilderness trips throughout the south east.  Jesse operates our corporate service division out of St. Augustine, Fl by providing waterfront programming, unique and historically embracing programs with our lodging vendors.


Gary LaPrees

Retreat designer \ vendor contract negotiator \ event promoter

As founder & owner of LaPrees Advertising & Design Services, Gary has found himself as the coordinator and event planner for the AAU events in Knoxville, TN with the Knoxville Sports Corporation, corporate retreat designs for Stokely hospitality, over 40 years in creative design work in the Advertising industry, and designing events in one of the fastest growing commercial tourism industry in the U.S.  Gary brings a superior level of customer service to the team as well as creativity to programming retreats.  Gary has a wealth of experience negotiating contracts on behalf of his clients that benefit them in regards to food & beverage budgets as well as lodging.

Support staff:

Misty Marine- the work that happens behind the scenes of retreats and programs can be over whelming.  Misty brings a wealth of organizational skills to the team in regards to pre-planning.  Misty has traveled the U.S with the American Eagle Foundation putting on events at HUGE sporting venues.

Anne- with a major in psychology, masters in ED, and an EDS, Anne Marie's organizational skills and implementation experiences is an asset to our clients in regards to making sure expectations are met, communication is clear, and the difference it makes with strategic implementation of our programming.