How can we help?

This is the critical question that will begin our working relationship with your company.

In order to identify the need you may have, and the services SMG could provide you, lets start with a few questions below:

1.  What led you to contacting SMG or started your search for corporate service providers?

The answer to this question, may help us understand your motivation and needs.

examples could be:  "My CEO asked me to research a location for our annual strategy meeting for the weekend that was a neutral location for his staff.  I wasn't sure where to look and don't have enough time to take on this task on my own.  My CEO also asked if I would plan the retreat at a location full of natural beauty that would allow our team to re-focus and re-energize."


examples could be:  "My sales team has recently done an exceptional job and I would like to reward them with an incentive travel weekend.  I want to fill there time with great camaraderie, active programs and great food.  My hope is that we continue with our momentum in sales and they realize that they are a valued part of the team."


2.  How would you describe the characteristics of your group?  Active?  Analytical?  Mechanically minded?  Ages?  Seasoned in their profession?  etc...

how these answer help:  Your willingness to describe the character of your group will allow our team to develop designs and have a more clear understanding of the personnel we may work along side of.  As you can imagine, if a program is designed towards a physically active group that consisted of kayaking inter coastal canals throughout St. Augustine, Fl and ended at a historical battle fort for a unique wine tasting and appetizers, this could be a great camaraderie experience.  On the other hand, if we designed the same program activity for elderly scientist that were not interested in active lifestyles, we may ruin a program quickly.


3.  As you briefly look through our "services" page, make note of what grabs your attention that may benefit you in providing an exemplary program for your team?

how will picking a service help:  By choosing one or a variety of our service that may benefit your program, we can begin providing insight and designs for your event.  Some contacts require only our transportation logistics, while others need only the activity programming and team building, and still others will require an "all-inclusive" strategic retreat design\facilitation at a fly-in fishing lodge near Anchorage, AK.


Keep in mind, these are just a couple questions that can start our partnership of on the right foot as we work along side each other providing quality services to our clients.