Cost= $85 per person ( %15 off for groups of 4 or more)

This experience is one of the highlights along the Appalachain Trail. Take in amazing views, exposure to high elevation vegetation, and rugged terrain.

Charlies Bunion  (rated= Moderate-Streneous) (Full Day) 
    Located on a section of the Appalachian Trail, this spot is home to some of the most rugged cliffs and ravines in the park.  Often trampled by day hikers, Smoky Mountain Guides allow participants to escape to areas where the path is less traveled.  Some of the first settlers from North Carolina crawled over this region and into the Porters’ flats to start their homesteads.  Views of Mount LeConte, Ocunaluftee watershed, and the Sawteeth Ridge of the Appalaichain Trail are some highlights along the way.  Learn about the Spruce-Fir tree epedimic and enjoy the cool mountain air on one of the most exposed sections throughout the park.  Hear the stories of how the bunion received its name, as well as, how natural and human interference created this raw beauty referred to as Charlies Bunion.

This tour includes our seasonal backcountry lunch prepared by your guide

Approximately 6 hr round trip tour depending on physical abilities.

Difficulty-moderated to strenuous

Bring-comfortable shoes and clothing 

This tour meets on the Back Porch Sugarlands Distilling Company in Gatlinburg, TN To Book, call 865-654-4545 to check available tours and treks or email and list tour 


(Rated= Moderate & 3/4 day duration)  approximately 7 miles

Cost per person= $55  (%15 groups of 4 or more) 

This tour consists of a nice trek through old growth forests, 25 foot waterfalls, heath balds, and spectacular scenery.  There is a great chance for sighting the Black Bear and numerous other wildlife that are native to this region.  This tour will meet on the back porch of Sugarlands Distilling Company in Gatlinburg, TN.  We will tour the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail before arriving at the Trillium Gap trail head.  Old growth forests have become very rare throughout our country, but we will walk beneath some of these lasting giants. About the point you begin working up a sweat, the trail coincides with a waterfall that our group will be able to walk behind before we continue to a breezy, heath bald along the ridges of Mount LeConte.  From this point, Smoky Mountain Guides will offer a few snacks and some hydration before returning to civilization, after one more stop to cool off at the beautiful falls.To Book, call 865-654-4545 to check available tours and treks or email


(Rated= Moderate & 1/2 Day)

Cost per person= $50 (%15 discount for groups of 4 or more)

Trek through some of the most scenic areas in the Smoky Mountains, and see Arch Rock, Alum Cave Bluffs, and other spectacular views along the way. This incredible tour takes place on a maintained trail that was previously the location that was sought after for gunpowder during the Civil War.  Allow Smoky Mountain Guides to share stories of the past and point out significant landmarks, everyday visitors could easily miss on their own.  As we break for a snack, take in the topography formed by landslides that have shaped the mountain side and try to catch a  glimpse of  the Pereguine falcons diving off the cliffs.  This tour takes place on the lower half of Mount LeConte and requires customers to be comfortable hiking up hill for 2.5 miles one direction.  To Book, call 865-654-4545 to check available tours and treks or email and list tour and time you would like to inquire about.


(Rated= Moderate with strenuous hills & 3-4 hous)

Cost per person= $45 (%15 for groups of 4 or more)

Millions of tourists and locals drive by this area annually without ever knowing what these mountains hold…  This hike is rated moderate with steep sections.  you will experience an off the beaten path experience with hidden Park secrets, like:  waterfalls, homesites, and rock features. This tour travels into the rugged landscape, local mountaineers would refer to as “hells” due to the tangled trees and steep terrain found here.  If your interested in off trail adventures and remote jewels of the Smokies that can't be found anywhere else in the park, then strap on your boots and get ready!  Smoky Mountain Guides can allow you the opportunity to travel along the same trail systems as moonshine legends previously did.  Check out legendary caves that were used to brew the illicit craft-moonshine.  As we break for snacks and drinks, take in views of Mount LeConte (the 3rd highest peak in the Smokies) and Gatlinburg.  Finally, show up at one of the most unique areas in the South East, Court House Rock, which bursts over 50 feet from the forest floor.  This site is an uncommon one in the Smokies, more likely to be seen in the Rockies. Book your Court House Rock experience today! 

To Book, call 865-654-4545 or 


(Rated= Easy & call for availability)

Cost per person= $70 (includes a seasonal backcountry dinner)

Cost per person= $40 (without dinner)

Experience the Synchronous lightning bugs with our professional guides.  We will travel to a more secluded spot and attempt to experience one of the most unique things in the Smoky Mountains.  The forest will light up as the mating season for this species is in full swing.  Enjoy a simple meal cooked by your guide on a backcountry stove.

CASCADING ADVENTURE HIKE (hidden waterfalls)

(Rated= Moderate & 3 hours)

Cost per person= $45 (%15 off for groups of 4 or more)

We are often asked about waterfall hikes.  There are numerous ones in our National Park, but this hike is very unique.  We love taking customers places they wouldnt find on their own.  This waterfall hike is in an area that was once the location of many mountain farms and a booming community.  During the 1900s, the forest began to claim the land again as the residence were moved out.  We trek through the forest on a hidden trail to explore on of the jewels of the park.  Passing by cascades and small pools, you soon realize why it is a customer favorite at our arrival at the numerous small waterfalls.  Call 865-654-4545 to confirm weekly availability


(Rated= Easy & 3 hours)

Cost Per Person= $30 (transportation not included)

"The Mountaineers Way" tour is a casual stroll with a local/professional guide.  Hear the stories of how the first settlers entered this area when the Native Indians were still using the land.  This area was a large Mountain community and we will have the oppurtunity to see physical structures used for farming. Our customers will meet at the Greenbrier ranger station for this tour.  You may also choose to book transportation from your lodge as well.  Please contact us for more information and questions. Book, call 865-654-4545 

Other Hikes

With over 800 miles of trail systems in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, SMG frequently customizes trips daily for their customers.  After browsing the trip selections, if you find yourself wanting something different, please contact so we can share with you our numerous other options.  We have trips that go to mountain bales, old growth forests, historical areas and off trail adventures.

 Just contact us @ 865-654-4545