"There should be no two corporate programs created the same".  This quote has become very important in the driving force behind our Corporate Service division.  Our team is passionate about designing experiences that create growth in a wide spectrum of areas.  Due to the fact that businesses, leaders, processes, budgets, and procedures within organizations are always changing in order to be more effective, we too believe our designs should uphold this consistent philosophy to effectively serve our clients.  

It is very important to have successful retreats and programs for your staff.  Not all of our services leave our customers with "pure joy", but instead, they may be left challenged, refreshed, or encouraged in the fact that their team is now facing issues within the company as a unit rather than as individuals and we believe that is a positive outcome.  We work closely with our contact person to identify the goal and desired outcome of the program throughout intensive conversations and on going email support.  Leaving a retreat feeling motivated and with a refreshed vision amongst the participants may indicate that the team was challenged individually or corporately to create the opportunity for growth.

From all-inclusive retreats to 4 hour team building programs, our mission is to create custom designed services that are thoughtfully designed and facilitated with our customers budgets and needs at the forefront.