How to maximize a 4 day vacation in the Smoky Mountains with your family on a $10 budget!

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Have you ever showed up to your hotel or cabin and started getting overwhelmed with the options and price tags of all the attractions? We have a few tips for you.

First, focus on creating lasting memories by sharing in an experience rather than buying an attraction ticket. SMG recommends that you make a family adventure challenge. To create this, first you must visit the Sugarlands Visitor Center inside the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Each family member will have $10 they will spend in the visitor center witch goes to funding the National Park as well as starts your adventure with something you can take home as a memory. Your challenge with the $10 is to purchase something that can be used during your day of exploring the GSMNP. Examples may be: wildflower identification book, maps, bandana, intro to hiking book, kids reading books etc. With you're newly purchased items, and a sense of adventure, hop back in your car and begin traversing up Newfound Gap Road in pursuit of Newfound Gap and the TN\NC State line.

Here is your challenge: Locate the following and get out of the car as often as possible.

  1. Locate a “quiet walkway” within 10 minutes of getting in your car and spend time in nature on the trail. Utilize any resources you may have purchased to identify unique and interesting things you come across.

  2. Take a family picture by the most beautiful stream you see. Did you know there are over 2000 miles of water ways in the GSMNP?

  3. Locate the Appalachian Trail that stretches from GA to Maine and step foot on the historical path.

  4. Position part of your family in TN and the rest in NC to create a classic family portrait.

  5. Lastly, reenact the presidential dedication of the GSMNP at the Rockefeller Memorial before heading down the mountain for lunch at you favorite picnic spot at the Chimneys picnic area

If you can’t get enough of the Smokies and you would like to further your experience with knowledge and expertise, please feel free to contact us for your next adventure.

Enjoy!!!!! SMG guided trips, tours and exemplary corporate services