Below, you will find a small collection of pre-designed programs that allow perspective clients to take a glimpse at what we offer.  Please be advised, our philosophy, in regard to team building and experiential training programs is rooted in designing custom programs based on needs assessments that can be attained over a phone conversation with our facilitators.  Therefore, we are reluctant to advertise any "off-the-shelf" programs due to limiting our clients perspective of what SMG can provide your team.  Given a chance, SMG will design a program specific to your organization.  We look forward to working along side of your groups soon!

Custom Team Building and Group Facilitation

Map & Compass programs, scavenger hunts, cades cove orienteering and murder mysteries, and much more.  SMG provides custom programs for our corporate clients.  We specialize in designing active programs that will allow for teams to begin working together in a non-threatening and fun environment.  The difference between a fun experience and an experience that will create strategic growth in teams, is the facilitation.  Our corporate facilitators have been actively serving in this industry for as much as 30 years.

High Adventure Teambuilding Programs

We have great partnerships with facilities that specialize in zip lining, aerial adventure and ropes courses.  Our designs at these facilities range from low risk and low elements to challenging your team at high elements.  These programs are great to allow for teams to work their way up in development of trust and working together in high pressure.  Please inquire for detailed info about numerous programs we offer in this category.  SMG offers rock climbing and whitewater rafting adventures for our more adventurous clients.

Portable Adventure Teambuilding

The Portable adventure teambuilding workshop is a dynamic approach for improving teams.  Wether it is group leadership, communication, conflict resolution, strategic planning, trust & support, or many other workplace challenges, SMG and associates design the day with group initiatives and challenges.  Facilitators have years of experience.  Please inquire by email for more details and to have a custom design made.

The Ober Team Challenge

A partnership with Ober Gatlinburg, has allowed for this incredibly unique approach to energize teams, reinforce strategic planning, and open up a meeting in a fun and interactive environment.  This program consists of map & compass, solving clues, wildlife encounters, team competition and a lot of laughter.  Teams embark on a course around OBER.

Winery and Distillery Events

A popular custom designed program that has been used by family reunions, corporate executives, and new hire orientations recently.  Enjoy the thoughtful facilitation of this event as you learn about the the culture as you participate in fun challenges involving:  cork stacking, moonshine jeopardy, product blending, create your custom labels, etc...

The winery and Distillery events have became a favorite among larger groups.  If you are trying to find a way to create a fun, action packed experience that will also enhance the local heritage, you have found your answer.  SMG takes pride in customizing these programs to align with the overall goal for the clients.  This event is a great icebreaker or off-site program for our corporate clients looking for a knew way to have fun with co-workers.