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We'll take you to the best places for outdoor adventure
photography that the park has to offer
Price per person: Contact Us

Learn new techniques for wilderness photography.  Take the guessing out of where to go for the best shots.  Our professional photographer/guides will show you the ropes in order to capture the best shots in the South East.  Bring your own camera.  Be prepared to cover a lot of ground by foot and\or vehicle.  Wildflowers, foliage, water falls, etc.

Our photographer/guides is passionate about teaching and also about showing our guests the beauty of the area.  With emphases on architectural building and the settlers homesteads, your guide may show you places that were built in the 1800s, then transition to the CCC chimneys found throughout the park and finish off with a secret waterfall and beautiful seasonal wildflowers.  Enjoy your time learning and at the same time document the experience with your newly learned techniques.