This company was founded to fill the void that most active travelers find.  The void between "big bus-off the shelf" tours and hardcore "survivalist trips".  Our guides are personable.  SMG employs the seasoned professionals that have experience in the industry as well as personal trips under their belt that have prepared them well for leading others.  We specialize in small groups.  Although we work with large companies as well, our Eco tours are always small in numbers to assure personalized attention.  One thing that is consistent among our tours, is the question you might here as you meet your guide:  "What are your goals for the next 3 hrs?" or "In order for this to be a highlight of your vacation, what would need to happen?"  We have guides who were born in the foothills of the GSMNP and the element that adds to the quality of interpretation for our guests is immeasurable.  We also take place high importance in operating our company safely by staying up to date in wilderness medicine protocol which allows our guides to act quickly and with purpose in times of emergency.  Although the GSMNP is a large portion of our operating area, we also offer cultural tours, winery tours, moonshine history tours, and all inclusive corporate programming throughout the South East.